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What parts do I need again to convert an 06/07 to 08+?

I tried the search option but no luck.

I'm assuming you would need everything above the valve covers? ie TB, Injectors, sub harness, main harness? airbox, gas tank and gas tank trim?

Im guessing I need an ECU as well. My pc3 won't work on 08+ ECU's huh? will the custom map transfer over or will it be shit cause I have more injectors now that need mapping?

What else am I missing? Can anyone confirm the ^^^ above list if I need all of em?

Was it pickpocket that was selling a package like this years ago?

I will be getting 09 track bodywork, subframe, gas tank Penske suspension and fairing stay from a few folks.

Soon I will have 06 race body work and suspension going up for sale as well.
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