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08 frame sliders no need for cuts?

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been reading around some said its possible to install woodcrafts frame sliders without a cut bec ause of the fairing difference they mightve changed some stuff up but ya if anyone with an 08 has verfied htis let me know !! woot i hope we dont need no cutting
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You'll need to cut. I know yours is an 08 and mine is an 07, but I have woodcraft and I had to cut BOTH sides. You'll need to do the same, the difference is not that much. My buddy just got an '08 and he put some vortex sliders on there and had to cut. (Vortex are skinner than woodcraft). Honestly, the cutting wasn't very hard. We did it with a Gerber Knife, drill with an 1/8" bit, and sand paper. Took about 3 hours and was actually really easy. Go for the woodcraft-the kick total ass!
alright i was planning woodcraft to =) thanks for your feedback
i just did shogun.. no cut FTW in my opinion..

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nice nice thanks for pictures i tihnk im going to go with woodcraft cuts
^ Good call. Shogun's suck IMO. I had Shogun no cuts on mine and it fell right off the bracket! One day I looked and it was gone, thus the switch to Woodcraft:)
+1 woodcraft. if u do a search u can find a long rant i posted on why i think they're the best...
i have the woodcraft cuts...best slider ive have so far. you'll have to cut the clutch side, but i didnt have to cut the brake side (its gunna slide a little on the lower fairing, but doesnt scratch it). thing that irratates me for the cut sliders, is everytime you do an oil change...gotta take that damn slider off to get the fairing off lol. but its a SMALL inconvienence compared to how good cuts are to no cuts
i just did shogun.. no cut FTW in my opinion..

where did you get your frame sliders from and how much? and also, do you have some pics of your signal mirrors and your fender eliminator? I have a black 08 and was looking to start moddin it..
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