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Recently my bike developed a flat spot or a stumble. Not sure how to describe it. But it needs more revs then usual to get moving from a stop. If not it will "load up" and sputter.

12k Mi, mostly ridden 12 mi to work every day. But I have done some long
trips. :YEA

Changed: (more then once)

Air Filter
Oil + filter
New plugs

Unrelated? Mods (all since 08)
Slip on-
LED signals
Fend Elim
Always run 91 and I use different gas stations, but always the big names. Shell, Chevron etc...

TPS for throttle valves

What else should I start checking? Or should I just try another set of coils or a new tps?

Here are pics of my multimeter readings and pics of my plugs, click here for more bike pics

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