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Alright I did a search but couldnt really find the answer. What weight rider are the stock settings on the R6 set up for?? Im 5'9 175. Most of my driving is Freeway and some city my daily commute is about 70 miles round trip. I know this is not really a commuter bike and im really not trying to make it ride more comfortable, I just want to know what the best suspension settings would be for the bike. Any help is very much appreciated.

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Id be interested too, but just make sure you set your sag before you take onboard advice!

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I just set my suspension up after feeling that it was harsh and unbalanced front to rear.

I highly recommend creating a shop diary or spreadsheet as it took me some three hours and about a dozen test rides.
I ride fat and aggressive so these nubers should give you a good starting point.

Also note my factory fork settings were not the same on each leg. "can't trust manufacturing anymore."

I used a caliper to measure dept on front settings.

My numbers:
Suspensin Setup
Component 11-Aug-08
Rider weight 226
Rear Preload +4/9
Rear Rebound +4/20
Rear Comp. F +8 (50%)/16
Rear Comp. S +12 (50%)/24
SAG 7/8"

Front Fork Height 1/8 up
Front Preload +0/5
Front Rebound +9 (2.30mm)/17
Front Comp. F 8.9mm/
Front Comp. S +6/16
SAG 7/8"

Hope this helps.
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