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Hello my fellow R6 fans!

I want to install an additional progressive Shift light on my 08 R6. Therefor I need:
  • a wire with +12v
  • a wire with Ground
  • a wire with RPM Signal
I tried to figure it out myself with the official r6 maintenance instructions but I’m unable to understand the circuit diagrams.

My idea is to connect all these above to the dash plugs which are located under the right handle.

I have made pictures of the plugs which lead to the dashboard under the right handle bar and marked them. Picture 1; 1.1; 2; 2.1 are the standard plugs. Picture 3 is from the Healtech gear indicator which I installed last year.

EDIT: I would be fine if someone would help me identifying a tacho output or a coil signal.

I don’t know if this would work but I think I just could do the same as I did for the gear indicator. I made a connection to the crankshaft position sensor for the rpm and got the +12v from the rear brake light switch connector. But I don’t know if the single +12v line can supply everything if I also connect the shift light. Also these connections are under the tank and the wires of the shift light are not long enough to reach down there so I would be really happy if I just could connect them under the right handle bar. Additionally I don’t really know if the crankshaft position sensor is the right sensor for the ‘RPM Signal’ described in the shift light manual.

I hope anyone of you out there knows which cable is which and can tell me what to connect. I would really appreciate any kind of help since I’m a clueless when it comes down to electronics.

Thank you

p1.1.png P1.png P2.1.png P2.png p3.png


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