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09 r6 dies as soon as I put it in gear

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I put new bearings and a crank in an 09 R6, I put everything back together and the motor starts and runs great but as soon as I put it in gear the bike stalls. I’ve pulled my hair out trying to research this but everyone says it’s the kickstand switch. I’ve bypassed the kickstand switch by splicing the two wires together with no avail. I pulled back loom to confirm that there was no wiring damage. I’m at a complete loss. I don’t know why it’s doing this. The motor is up on a wheel stand so it couldn’t be a clutch issue, it should be able to free spin. Please help. Thank you. Jacob
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I don't believe the clutch switch plays a role here, but out of curiosity does the engine crank when you have the lever pulled in or leads shorted together?
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