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flicks & clutch ups
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exhaust gaskets
handlebars (oem)
m4 slip on
tst integrated taillight

i plan to add a Y pipe, so im installing a servo buddy today
will be getting an ECU kit for flashing and remapping
will be adding block off plates
thinking about rearsets (to GP shifter or not to GP shifter)
have woodcraft clipons on the way, throwing some domino racing grips on em

ok i plan on doing basically everything i can including headlight assembly (KT leds), ohlins damper, some brembos and cool looking lines

crashed her one week in so im glad i got an 07 r6 with 5k miles instead of a 2019 zx6r with 0 miles. priceless education (just a lowside in the rain pulling into a rocky driveway too fast) and i was almost happy that it happened on a used bike.

maybe it's just cause this is the first vehicle ive had that i really care about, but i've already asked the r6 to be my girl and were going steady
1 - 4 of 4 Posts