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-1 +3 on 06/7???

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Does anyone have this setup for the street? How do you like it? My last bike was an 03 gixxer that had -? +2 so I definitely miss the acceleration (never rode it stock). I just don't want to go -1 +2 and still want more. I'm only riding on the street with some freeway riding thrown in there. And does it make a big difference when taking off from a stop? I noticed this bike seems like it's bogging down. Anyone with -1 +2 is welcome to chime in. Thanks
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on my old ZX6R i had -1 +4 and it was nasty from a stop, it was extremely quick acceleration, and i could still do over 100 mhp no problem (the speedo would say 140 and that was closer to 100) and i wasn't red lining either, still had more to room to go.

now on my 05 R6 i have -1 +2 and a quick turn throttle, its very touchy but i like it, but kind of wish i went -3 or more. i am debating a trying out the track, if i decide to track the bike it will stay as is or go back to stock. if i decide not to i might gear it up a little more b/c i have NO need to do anything near or over 120 mhp public roads. i think for street riding -1 +3 is fine. i like to have the power where i need it and where i will use it for all my street riding, i will never see the true straight out of the box performance on the street.
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What will these bikes top out at with -1/+2 ? Is the difference even noticable?
for normal street riding and even semi agressive highway riding, the only differance you will notice it shorter gears (higher rmps) but not very noticable. it won't effect top end too much, lets just say top is .... idk 160 and you do a -1 +2 your new top speed may be 145 could be less could be slightly more, but i would say around 15 mph + or - would be a good guess. i have never toped out on the street even with my gearing change. if you want to ride like that the street isn't the place to do it.
i have a -1+2 on my 06 R6 and its perfect for me. i do mostly street riding with a little free way myself and i still have a top speed of around 145-150 (never redlined it but close). it accelerates plenty fast and because i ride wheelies it even comes up in 1st through 3rd very easy and im sure i could even bring up 4th(but no need). Personally i love -1+2 on my 6 but its all preference.

hope this helps you.
I have the -1 +3 on my 07 ... I love it .. acceleration is awesome, and top end is still somewhere around 150 .. haven't topped it out fully, but it would be somewhere around there .. It definitely works out for me great
I had an 05 raven with -1+3 and i loved that i could bring that up in 3rd all day. I got rid of that and have an 06 raven now with -1+2 and it's a noticeable difference from my 05. They come stock with different gearing so even if i put +3 on my 06 it still wouldn't be exactly the same. I'm running a speedohealer and i've had mine 162 with the -1+3 and the only time i can even clutch it up in 3rd is if im low on fuel and i put my weight back on the seat, but IMO NO way in 4th! If u do the -1+3 let me know how you like it i've been debating changing over.
What are you guys talking about????

They're talking about decals. If you take off 1 Yamaha decal, and put on 3 OEM decals, I.E. A*s, Joe Rocket, etc you get better acceleration :D
They're talking about decals. If you take off 1 Yamaha decal, and put on 3 OEM decals, I.E. A*s, Joe Rocket, etc you get better acceleration :D
:lmao they are talking about the sprockets.
-1/+3 refers to the number of teeth you move from OEM on front/rear sprockets.

lose a tooth in the front (-1) it'll make your engine have to spin a hair faster to get the same speed, same with adding two teeth on the rear sprocket (+2). put those together, and you got a wheely machine. or a torque monster (at least it'll feel like it at the lower rpms).
Yea, what he said... but it is a PROVEN fact that more decals make your bike faster. At least that's what most of the riders here seem to think
Ha Ha Ha very funny how much are sprockets i want a wheelie machine!!!!!!
Ha Ha Ha very funny how much are sprockets i want a wheelie machine!!!!!!
Well if you buy a new back and front sprocket, you usually have to buy a new chain as well... The kit from MotoMummy that I was looking to get is this one:


With a DID ERV chain, which I heard was top of the line, it comes out to $205

For my bike, and any other 06s-08s, the gearing change after going -1/+2 would be 15/47. Can't wait for my baby to be a torquie son of a b*tch
well, don't forget about the speedohealer that you'll need. since you'd be losing a tooth up front, you won't be moving as far as the bike thinks, which will A) make your speedo read high, and B) put extra miles on your bike that you didn't really ride.

price for a speedohealer? no idea... i'd guess about $100 or so.
+1 retail is $109
I have an 04 with a -1+4 kit as well... Love it. +1 on the Speedo Healer. I have been running one for about 3 years now, dialed in by a handheld GPS, wouldn't have it any other way, and will never ride a motorcycle without one again.
In a safe environment with a -1+2 the bike was able to go 147, and with a -1+4 it is able to go 138... both max at red line. I am not suggesting running a bike to the max in an unsafe manner, but that is what my bike was able to acheive (in the safest way possible) on closed roads with proper gear.
Don't get me wrong... I would rather run in the corners than run fast and in a straight line, I like to be able to "get on it" out of a twistie much more. That's why I went with my -1+4 kit. It gives you that down low "grunt" that everyone is looking for. I am also NOT a wheelie rider. They are "neat" and all, but I did my -1+4 for the acceleration, not to be able to ride wheelies.
For places to buy sprockets, I highly suggest www.sprocketspecialits.com Their stuff is made in the USA, is high quality, and fairly priced.
Let us know what you end up doing man.
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With a DID ERV chain, which I heard was top of the line, it comes out to $205
$205 ?? When I added the DID ERV3 Chain (+$30.00) it's coming out to $215.00...
I was looking at a 520 conversion kit for an 07 R6. Would I need a Chain Breaker/Rivet Kit ??
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