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$140 Pazzo Gold Shorty Levers + Driven Grips SHIPPED! (99-05 R6)

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fyi brake wont fit 05 r6 but bump for great price
i'm sorry, ur right. thanks! anyone interested can check here for reference...

Not sure if this will help. But I have used the same pazzo levers on 04-06 R1 as well as on my 05 R6 and now on my 07 R6....there is no issue with the levers. Not sure about the older models 99-02
thanks for the info but the levers for the 07 R6 aren't the same as the ones for sale. :D
pm sent
pm sent, very interested and ready to pay...
here is the pic requested. sorry but i only have a phone camera available...

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pm'd, please reply, ready to pay
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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