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1999-2005 R6 forks dimensions and info

Hi Guys,

Joined up several months ago and now my first post.

Anyway I've got an FZR250 1990 model, not the R6 I'm wishing for but a lot of fun just the same.

The suspension is a shortcoming on these little fellas - I've got an '08 rear shock fitted and the handling has improved markedly.
The stock spring rate is good for the bike and my weight with the minimum pre-load.

So now I've got to deal with the front end and short of getting gold valves and new springs, there's likely more value to be had fitting forks that started out with better spec and adjustability in the first place.

So I'm considering '99-'05 R6 forks, they are larger diameter but I think my triple clamps have adequate meat to be machined to accept them.

If not I'll consider switching triple clamps if necessary and if the offset is the same as what I'm running.

I'd like to keep the original front wheel if possible.

So I need some basic measurements, total unsprung length, length of the fork lowers, axle diameter, the brake calliper bolt spacing and distance from the axle centre.

Past that if I'll also need brake callipers to fit the forks and also discs - there's a chance those discs might transfer to my wheel if possible.

I'm trying to get an idea of the feasibility from the fork length to begin with and i can see what other factors then come into play.

Any other information is much appreciated

peace out

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