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1999 r6 w/ Penske 8100 rear, gold valve OEM shocks front - settings

Hi all,

The weather has been good enough to test the bike a few times and start working up the suspension. My prev owner had a suspension shop put in the Penske and front gold valves back in 2001, the fork settings sheet is included in the file. Don't know if its been serviced since, I'll certainly have the forks done this year. There is no documentation on the Penske other than some handwritten notes which didn't match the as-found setting.

As found he had a strange setup in place; a <lot> of preload on the rear, minimum compression and about 1/2 rebound. I think he was messing around with preload since the lockscrew was missing (fit a new one w/ zinc pad to preserve the threads) The front preload was also high and compression and rebound damping were on the high side. The bike had a very hard ride at highway speed. I have the as-found settings recorded.

I worked up a trial setting, might be able to test it tomorrow; I'm restoring the suspension shop settings for the front, we'll see how that goes. For the rear I decreased the preload a lot, I have about 35mm from unloaded (rear wheel in air, frame suspended via shop crane) to resting sag, about 25mm rider sag from there. I set compression and rebound to half their ranges respectively. I know the rider sag should be a bit higher, but want to test my way towards it (I wasn't wearing all my gear anyhow).

I was wondering if anyone out there has a Penske like this, what settings are generally reasonable. I'm setting up for street riding. I'll be recording and testing settings so will presumably find a comfy region, but any hints as to the direction to take the adjustments would be much appreciated.

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