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2 CT - best mod ever!

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I replaced my rear Corsa III yesterday with a 180 PP 2 CT and I am very impressed with the results! The Corsa III is still on the front tire, and it performed great! I put on about 120 miles yesterday through the twisties and the chicken strips are burned off already! This tire gives the bike such a playful feel it was begging me to lean more and more. They warmed up really well, and the grip was amazing even with the Corsa up front. I didnt have any slips all day. I am really happy with this tire, it felt much more stable than my previous Corsa III.
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So, I plucked a nail of the street today and was looking around to replace the tire so I could ride to the lakes today. Met up with a buddy of mine from work and I met a friend of his. He mentioned that he had a set of these in his basement and said that if I were going to replace the front, might as well do the rear as well.

I was iffy at first cuz I havent done much looking around at tires as I have 5xx miles on the bike. If I was going to ride, I guess my best chance was to buy the set off him.

I just got in to look around to compare a bit on the tires I just got and it looks like I made out pretty damned good. He offered to set the pair for $200, and not knowing much anything about them, I took the deal. Nice guy it turns out, as he probably could have taken me.

Its been raining since then, so I really havent gone out to play yet. But all in all, it looks like a good deed was done for the day. :cheers and be safe!
I don't know why anyone even likes pirelli. I haven't been impressed at all with them. they wear very very fast, and cost too much.
same thing with dunlops.
they just have a odd feeling to them that Bridgestone and michelin doesn't. still the best street tires I've ever tried are Bridgestone Bt-002rs.
^^I liked my Pirellis but now that I rode the 2ct I wont look back!
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