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Hi there, I am new to the forum and I own a 2000 R6 and I have browsed the forum and look around and seen lots of topics on undertails. I looked over the 02 conversion thread and have realized that that is a lot of work and since I just replaced my 2000 battery I don't see it as the positive solution. I was looking at the Extreme Graphics Moto Design undertail and didnt really like it too much so I have decided to go with the ebay tail listed here as my most plausible option.

My question is does anybody know if these sort of tails colour match well and if they are fairly easy to install? I saw with the 02 that the battery tray and such had to be replaced I was wondering if this tail would almost fit into place (maybe even with a bit of retrofitting as that is ok). Does anybody have one on their bike and possibly have a picture to post so I could see what it looks like before I buy one?

Thanks to all who view this and any input you all have.
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