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Hi Guys
Im having some problems with my bike at the moment. Basically when it gets to operating temp it wont idle, it started doing riding in town in traffic etc and had progressively got worse. Now it cuts out when its warmed up and then when i try to re start it it will run with a very rough idle only by holding the throttle quarter open, and it doesnt respond to any revs when its like this.
Also there seems to be a louder than normal ticking noise coming from the top end, this noise is most noticeable when on the overun coming donw the gears etc and as the revs come down.
I measured the resistance of the coils and they all seem ok, I changed the plugs as a matter of course and that made no difference . I took it to a local garage and the mechanic said he thought the carbs needed synching , he said if the carbs arent balanced this can cause the cam chain to rattle causing the ticking noise... so i purchaced a set of vacum gauges and synch'ed the carbs, carb 4 was slightly off but i got them all balanced... this has made no difference though... has any one had similar problems when the bike has warmed up? do you think the ticking noise could be linked?
thanks for any advice..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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