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So far I have
Pro Tek frame sliders, not installed
CA integrator
Greggs Flushmounts
T-Ravis Motorsports plate relocator
Graves full Titanium will be here the 11th
Ivans jet kit gets ordered this week
I made the relocater my self, even rolled up into the tail to give it an even sleeker look, also had to cut some off the edges of plate too, but oh well, looks damn sexy, might make a few more if people have the money, and want one :cheers

Future mods, just a quick list

~Paintjob-black/red decals
~Smoke windscreen
~Reflective red on wheels

~Ivans jet kit
~520 conversion(-1 F & +1 R)
~S.S. brake lines
~V stacks
~Graves Titanium on the way

302 Posts
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Jeffsy said:
Looks good.

Could do with a wash though before you took the pics?????

It'll give you more top speed with the reduced drag :hammer

Yeah, I ride it alll the time though, just much more fun rain or shine, my only restriction is if it's below 35, I drive. And it's been raining quite a bit so I just took the quick shots when I got home from work after making the undertail.

Thanks for the compliments will have more pics up soon, of the black paint job, red decals, Graves full system that's already been installed, along with some other goodies ofcourse.
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