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I wanted to see if anyone could answer some questions for me. I just bought a 2001 r6 from southern CA and been working on getting it ready for the track. I have listed out some questions/problems thanks for all the help!.

note: I bought this from a member from this site here is the link to the bike I bought. http://www.r6-forum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=59100

1. Was hearing Cam chain noise at 3,500RPM was told from owner it was ok. researched r6-forums and found out to replace CCT with a APE Manual CCT. now works great. should I check anything else?

2. rear brake fluid reservior was removed from old owner replaced with a tube with a small amount of fluid. should this be ok?

3. I currently live in reno NV area which is about 4200feet above sea level since this bike is carb. I wanted to know what needs to be done to adjust the carbs for up here? I have a full service manual but it really doesn't show how to do this. I'm planing on racing in northern CA and reno as a track as well. I know this is a problem as my 07 GSXR750 and my old 03 r6 had much more power then this bike which should not really be the case.

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