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Till death do us part!
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Here is what I have:

2002 Yamaha R6, previous salvage title, with custom painted race bodywork, motor has been ported and polished and racing cams put in too (previous owner), Vortex racing clip-ons, a set of Michellin Pilot Power's, Hindle Carbon Fiber high-mount exhaust, NRC race case covers, O.E.S. frame sliders, Giles Tooling titanium GP Shift rear set (purchesed used form another member on these boards, do not remember who; only shifter side installed, brake side still stock), braided steel front brake lines with Vesrah Racing HH front brake pads, 520 chain and sprocket conversion (-1/+2, Drive System's Alloy rear sprockets with Workslight hard annodizing and D.I.D. ERV3 race chain, installed 8/23/2007), red powdered coated triple tree and rear wheel, passenger seat cowl, all with a hand polished frame. I also installed/custom mounted a Lexus IS Bi-xenon HID projector for a headlight (high beam not wired in, only requires splicing in one diode into the upper wiring harness). The headlight is also easy to remove in the event you take it back to the track, just requires the removal of 3 screws, 2 of which are wing nuts!

Spare Parts Box:
1x Seat
1x Stock rear set
1x Tire pressure gauge
1x Canyon Dancer bar harness
1x Front pair E.B.C. Double H brake pads (sealed, new)
2x Spare upper wiring harnesses
1x Pair of frame sliders
Stock exhaust mounts (?)
Random electrical wires/connectors
Front air intake ducting (?)
Old rear tire (Pirelli DragonCorsa, has some center tread left, not much else)
Haynes Manual

Price: $4,000

I cannot vouch for the engine work as that was done by the guy that owned it before me (it was his track bike), however, I can vouch for the bike being fast. The chain will likely need to be replaced soon; it has a little bit of slack in it now and it is adjusted more or less to the end right now. The sprockets are still in good shape though. I did set the bike down once; stupid me was pulling into a friends driveway which was at a nice incline to the street I was pullinf in from. Drive way was full, so I pretty much stopped and the bike started to lean and instead of trying to save it and possibly hurt myself, I let it hit the ground. The stupid part was me trying to pick it up without killing the engine first so i ended up tweaking the gas a little bit and the rear tire gripped and spun the bike 90 degrees. Therefor, there is a little scrap mark underneath the right side case cover on the fairing. This is the only time the bike touched the ground in the last ~2yrs that I have had it. Also, the bike has always been garage kept, never out in the open elements, same went for the owener before me.

Feel free to comment or ask questions, I will answer to the best of my abilities and time permitting.

Reason for selling... I do not have time to ride now, nor will I for likely another three years or so. I have been moved to Fort Benning, GA for some training (yes, the Army) and will likely be here till beginning of next year (officer training, IOBC, Ranger School, Airborne School, and hopefully SELC) then I am off to Korea for a year, then who knows where after that. That being said, I am going to be in the field over the course of the next three weeks (or so I am told), back on the weekends, so I appologise if there is a delay in response from me to you.

The bike is currently sitting in Chattanooga, TN, at my parents house. I will be going up there the weekend of 2-4 May so I can get some more pictures then.

E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
AIM: Pyromania101 or RidersNeeded

Thank you for your time and for looking!



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You could always try ebay or craigslist.
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