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Hi folks

Sorry that my first post is a plea for help, but I am in desperately in need of some. Last weekend I was out riding when suddenly the bike cut out and the rear locked up. Fortunately, I was slowing down at a circle when it happen (I think the outcome would have been much worse if I was at speed on a highway). When I tried to start it, it fired up but I saw a massive oil patch growing under the bike so I killed it. Also the rear wheel is stuck. I put the bike in neutral and had the clutch in but the rear wheel won't roll.

Symptom I experienced before this event was that the bike would die when stopping (I have read many posts of this), but I could keep it alive with the throttle (probably not helping the problem though). I bought this bike used and I reckon I got swindled, but I am stuck with it now and so it is my problem. I haven't ridden it really hard since I got it.

Down the the question at hand... Where do I start looking? I was going to start at the source of the oil, which is coming somewhere from the top left of the engine. But does the oil leak explain the seized rear wheel? The only warning on the dash it that the oil is low, not surprising because I estimated that at least 1 - 1.5 litres of it was left on the road.

Any thoughts, ideas, advice would be appreciated
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