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Hi ive got an 02 R6 and got a question about the air box breather line that ends under the tank that looks like it has a little bottle on the end, my question is.... there is a "T" piece just before that bottle looking thing is there a line of some sort thats meant to be on the up part of the "T"? because mine has nothing hooked up to that part of it.

Sorry bit hard to explain without a pic

Hope someone can help me with this

EDIT another question.....when i bought the bike the idle was really good and like a brap brap brap brap.... sound like it had lumpy cams in it, anyway the fuel smelt like some sort of race fuel..so i drained the tank and filled it back up with some premium fuel...and now that brap brap brap brap idle has gone and its really shit idle all over the place, any thoughts why?

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