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Hey all, I know I'm from Toronto, Ontario so might be a big stretch to post this on here, but here we go anyways.

Reason for selling is I got a ticket for 10 over, which is causing my insurance to not drop low for another 2 years. So unfortunately I cannot pay $450 a month for a car and bike for the next 2 years while paying for college.

Here's the spec's

2002 R6
Tranny shifts smooth, no syncro issues.
Flushmount turn signals
Motodynamics Integrated tail
Krypton Bulbs 8000k HIDs
Bridgestone Battlax 020 Tires, 70% tread left.
Chain was just adjusted, can get another year out of the chain.
Bike passed the safety about 4 months ago.
Never laid down.
Black windscreen
Amsoil 10w40 motorcycle oil

The bike is in really nice condition, the lower fairings could use a nice buffing to get scuffs from road debris. Regardless, I just need to sell the bike, and my POS car to buy a newer more reliable car for the next couple years until I finish my Paramedic program. I hate to sell it since it runs so well, but finances are rough.

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