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2005 R6; 14k miles, worth $5,000?

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I am %99.9 percent sure I have found my bike and will pick it up tonight....2005 R6, the bike has 14k miles though and that worries me a bit. If bike checks out and is legit I will offer 5grand, is this about right for a bike with those kinda miles?... All other bikes I have looked at; close to that price range have had 6-9k miles... Thanks..
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Miles are a bit high for the year but it is in the right price range.I'd be tempted to go 4800 due to the high miliage. Also though I would have to take in factor if it is all stock and if it was in perfect condition. If you really want it go for it.:YEA
Seller says mostly highway miles... He's askin 5,500...I don't have any thing to loose offerin 4800, I've been thinkin about it.... Bike is stock, and one very small scratch.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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