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So I roll the scooter out the other night for a late night ripper with a few friends, but, when i turn the key i get no fuel pump prime. I crank it over anyway and i get the check engine light so the next day.....

1. I check all fuses. Good.
2. Jumped the fuel pump it kicks on.
3. I wen thru every damn sensor and tested all buckles and circuits (engine stop switch, kickstand, all the usual suspects)
4. I test the fuel pump/stater relay and get a weird reading so i order a new one and replace it. Fuel pump still not priming up. WTF!?!?!

My next course of action was to check the computer "diag" mode to see what i get. naturally i get tons of codes and i tried to reset the computer fault codes but i havnt been able to figure out how????

Does anyone know how to reset the ECU? And, does anyone know if the state of the ECU with fault codes would prevent my bike from starting? I tried resetting the computer according to what ive found but so far no dice. Is my computer junk?

Please Help:drink

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