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I am looking into installing HID's into my 2005 R6 along with Angel Eyes and Audi Style LED Light Strips. However before I do anything like that I like to fully understand what I am doing and the consequences that may follow.

1. What watt selection would be correct for my bike, 35W or 55W?

2. Will HID's fog my headlight lens cover? I have seen some horror stories of this in some other threads but I do not fully understand what caused this. Some say it could be due to the wattage or mounting of the light.

3. Brands - Which brands are considered highest quality or best bang for the buck? (I am looking to install all of this myself just to save money but need to be sure I pick quality items).

4. LED Audi Strip, I have no idea where to even find these or where to start, any suggestions? (I do know I need quality ones that will not melt or crap out in 6 months)

5. Through some of the tutorials I have seen there is no mention of glue or sealant needed for reassembly of the headlight covers. Does anyone have information on this or is it even needed? (The last thing I want is fog / water ect. in my headlight assembly).

6. Best vendor to buy each of these items?

Lastly, I was considering making the turn signal in the corners of the headlight assembly like I have seen some others do. However I am not sure how they managed this or where to start with that. Any tips / threads you can direct me to would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any assistance guys/gals.
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