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First up, welcome. Gratz on your bike man, i'm sure you're loving it. I can't stress enough how much an MSF or Safety course is worth. If you've got the time, take it. It will teach you things that don't happen on dirt. I'm not discounting your riding experience, but we all can improve on something.

Helmet, if you're not worried about the liner, I've been using the RF1000 from Shoei. Taking the class will lower your chances of needing frame sliders. ;) If I get around to ordering mine, I'm going with the no-cuts. Undertail on my bike was kinda easy. I took out the rear tree trunk and will be integrating amber LEDs into my rear footpegs for turn signals soon. HID is mainly an opportunity to choose a different frequency of light that comes out of your headlights. High Intensity Discharge Lights require a separate ballast to operate, some even require a slight mod to the light cover. "Showwy" bike? Prepare to order some LED accent lights to emulate the neon glow of the Fast and the Furious days. Mine are shipping as we speak. Angel Eyes are great for parking lots and come in both LED and CCFL. If you google either, you'll see plenty of options. Keep the shiny side up. And welcome again.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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