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Hello everyone, I am looking for some advice/help. I just bought a 2005 r6 off of Facebook. The bike has 13k miles on it. The bike has a loud exaust on it. It sputters in just about all of the gears when it’s low rpm’s. Mainly between 4000-5500. When I bought the bike it was idling between 1800 and 2k. I since adjusted it and turned it down to what it should be idling at (1250-1500sh) and it died on me at a light when I changed it to neutral to idle. Since purchasing I have changed the Oil, Oil filter, Cleaned fuel system and injectors with sea foam today. When I purchased the bike it had these codes on it.
Diag 61-

I have not even been able to find a accurate list of what these fault codes mean. Could anyone advise? For some reason there’s apparently no links to 2005 R6 service manuals. Thanks guys.

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Download the manual. Supposedly there's one over at FaceBook somewhere. Memory serving, I downloaded from R6Message.Net but that was several years ago.

13 = Intake Air Pressure Sensor - open or short
15 = Throttle position sensor - open or short
21 = Coolant Temp sensor - open or short
22 = Intake Temp Sensor - open or short
30 = Lean Angle Sensor - bike has been laid down (with ignition active)
46 = Power Supply to Fuel Injection system not normal

So the ignition was turned on at some point with wire harness(es) unplugged. Clear them and see what comes back; if anything.

Plugs look'n lean, rich or normal.

Information on auto-choke system...
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