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For the gear:
Alpinestars blue gloves, Alpinestars blue boots, Joe Rocket Blue/Black/White GPX Suit Sz 44, Shoei RF1000 Helmet, Yamaha Gericke Jacket

Also have more oil filters and 10w30 than anyone could ever want! Bought like 10 of each....

Just make a reasonable offer and request more info. I can take pics etc if you're interested just tell me what.

Old parts include stock exhaust and exup cable

Also have mods on bike I would consider parting out

Now for the bike...

2006 BLUE YAMAHA YZF-R6 located in Cincinnati, OH
4445 Miles

Too many add-ons to list but I'll try (all come with bike)

PUIG Smoke Double Bubble Windscreen

Gold windscreen screws

Frame Sliders

Spool Sliders

Front and Rear Stands (I should have took pictures on them it looks sweet)

Leo Vince Slip on Exhaust (carbon fiber)

Gearing changed to -1 front +2 rear with blue rear sprocket color and gold 520 chain

Speedohealer to fix mph gauge from gearing

Rear fender eliminator by Competition Werkes

Smoke integrated tail light

Gold Bar Ends

Gold shorty pazzo levers

Carbon Fiber Extended Mirrors (I can actually see behind me!)

Carbon Fiber Gas Cap Cover

Motomummy brake fluid sock

Carbon Fiber Tank Cover

R6 Harris Performance Gel Grips

Yamaha Racing Key Chain

Motorcycle Cover

I am the second owner, I bought the bike stock, and modified it to what I thought looked good. The gold mix with the carbon fiber everywhere with the sleak tail and fender eliminator turned the bike into a devil!

Bike comes with all original manuals, documentation, title in hand, service kit, and service records.

Never stunted or wheelied. The throttle is very responsive!

I ride the bike to work everyday it doesn't rain (30 miles round trip) It rides great, mechanically flawless as can be. Very powerful, gearing was corrected to a -1 front sprocket + 2 rear according to recommendations from r6forum.com. Now the bike has tons of power starting off in first and can really take off, it used to be weak until shifting. The exhaust has a great high end loud sound, see the video, and just imagine it in person. I recorded that with a crappy camera with poor audio. Feel free to come by and check this bike out if you're local in Cincinnati.

Feel free to PM me. I will also be more than happy to speak with you on the telephone.

Youtube video, at the end you can hear exhaust

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I'll reply to all at once..

snowbizx - Haven't done any burnouts. Even though the -1/+2 really changes the bike in first gear by adding what feels like a ton of power in comparison. But, it still has stock tires that are just low on tread in the middle. I actually have a pair of new Michelin PS2 Sports I'd also be willing to sell. I don't see any purpose in paying to have them put on the bike while selling the bike. Thanks for the props.

krc499- The on thing I dont really want to part out would be the gearing and sprockets, chain etc. So, I might put the speedohealer on that list since I'm not sure someone would want to buy a bike with 20% off speedo. The frame sliders I could probably sell pretty easily, I'm going to wait a little longer to see if any interest in the bike as it is first.

bo1142- make an offer on the pazzos... or eventually I'll make a list of the price for each part. Not interested in a trade right now

virtualbong- Thanks, I think it's a good deal too... much lower and I might as well just keep it! I won't be able to ride until next year's season so I was thinking I'd try to sell
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