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Ok i have been stumped for days. I have been recently looking to change my front and back sprockets on my 2006 R6v 16/45 to 15/47 (-1,+2) 520 conv. but have come to find out JT,Sunstar, nor vortexs carrys that for a 2006 from what i was told from local dealers. Am i trying for the wrong conversion could someone help point me in the right direction! Not to familiar with sprockets. Might i mention that i do track days and its my main source of transportation, just wanted some more wheelie power.

Thanks to anyone that will help!!!!!!!! :eek5

YZF-R6 2006/ Full System akrapovic evo2, PCIII module, Scotts Dampener,Fender Eliminator Kit,Integrated Taillight,Flush Mount Blinkers,Rear Seat Cowling.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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