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2006 R6 Fairings

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this is a complete factory OEM yamaha 2006 r6r fairing set. (color: blue, non R6S) everything is including front fender, however this does not include gas tank. comes complete excluding front head lights, however it does come with the rear tail light. the fairings are in excellent condition. i just recently purchased the bike with 3700 miles on it, and i am selling the plastics because i bought it to turn it into a track specific bike. the only damage to the fairings is located on the rear seat fairing. i believe a passanger (very large) sat on it and there are a 3 minor cracks in the fairing. please email me a [email protected] for pics, or call @ 602 319 3523 for additional info.... SOLD ONLY AS A COMPLETE SET. FRONT LIGHTS CAN BE PURCHASED FOR AN ADDITIONAL $250 FOR THE PAIR. $999 SHIPPED GROUND WITHOUT THE HEADLIGHTS

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u didnt put a price or color :dunce:
Sorry, i was in a rush.. i posted the price of 999$ shipped and i also added some pics
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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