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Ok, so me & my brother been at this for days and can't figure it or to save my life. So i purchased this 06 R6 a little over a month ago and been rebuilding it and making it pretty. I noticed the fans were hooked to a manual switch, so as I'm rebuilding it I figure I would return it back to stock working condition. So I figured I would stay with hookingeverything back up to the stock connections and stay trouble spring from there. I stayed by just turning the bike on and letting it go up to 212 degrees to confirm they arnt working properly, and they didn't. I then stayed by following the trouble shooting tree in the service manual, everything checks good, including the relay, temp sensor, no codes are popping... i started opening up the wiring harness found some broken wires fixed them, traced the wires included in the fan system they are all good. I put the bike in diagnostic mode and the system runs is tests, the light comes on 5 times like it should on the dash but the fans don't operate in any way while it's doing is thing. Now, the confusing part (for me) comes here, while I'm using the test light to test for any kind of power going threw the wires, i touch it to the green wire in the picture below ( second from the right) the fans power up like a champ, so I'm wondering why the fans are turning when I ground that specific wire.... we are on the verge of hooking it back up to a switch, but now is a matter of pride lol, i have a hard time losing to inanimate objects lol, anyways I'd rather ask some one on here before I give up on this damn thing :) thanks in advance guys

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