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whats up r6 world.

so im active on many forums but now that i have purchased a R6 i figured i'd join a forum and get some tips and advice on my 1st bike experience.

a little about me i am soon to be 22 and had been wanting a bike since i was 16 but decided to wait until i felt "mature" enough and/or mentally "ready" for a bike. so the long wait was well worth it because i do feel like i am finally ready for a bike and i am not as crazy as i was when i was 16-20...

with all that said i had been looking for a bike now for two months never did i imagine id get a r6 (out of my price range) i was looking for a gsx-r 600 or 750 with low miles. lost a couple of good deals because i felt like i wasnt a 100% sold o buying them. that is how i bumped into this r6 and i kept looking at the pics and just dreaming. like i said it was out of my price range. about a week later i emailed the saller and saw few days had passed and nothing sold. two weeks after the add we agreed on a price that fit my budget and made my dream become reality.

2006 R6 with 4300 miles on it. Never dropped MINT condition it doesnt have a scratch on it. and he gave me a like new helmet and bike cover.

i am very happy wiith my purchase the bike rides like a dream

did oil and filter change. and got new tires for it as well.

feel free to comment.
wanna hear your feedback and advice.
Congrats and welcome. Being your first bike and all you seriously have to be careful. Ask anyone and they will more or likely tell you it's not a good idea to start on a 600cc as your first bike. It's possible yes, with a lot of self control. Good thing you got an R6 instead of a gixxer, round here gixxer's are known to be squids and that's why so many people make fun of them. I would look into getting a new helmet when you get a chance. You can get everything used (jacket, gloves, pants, shoes) but the one thing I would suggest buying new is your helmet.

Helmets come in many different shapes, sizes, and color. So it's best to fine one that fits you. Also shouldn't let many people wear your helmet because when you first try it on it's tight, it has to break into YOUR face not other someone elses. Also, are you going to risk a head injury because of a cheap helmet?

Ride safe, ride smart
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