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Hey there. I know how to search and I have a high mechanical aptitude, so don't ask questions like 'is the bike in neutral' or something silly.

I recently purchased my friends 2007 R6. He was the only owner buying the bike from a showroom with 3 miles on it. 1st of June I bought it with 4000 miles on it. Basically never ridden, always garaged, stored and he took it to dealer for maintenance.

Since I've owned it I have put on about 280 miles in two weeks and issues have started to pop up one by one. From here I'll make a list in order of occurrences:

1) (Not a problem, but just listing) The bike has a cheap ebay HID headlight and taillight kit. However, this has already been eliminated as I have them completely disconnected for diagnosing.

2) On three occasions I would press the crank button, the bike would kick over for half a second then die. What I would have to do is lightly twist the throttle so it would idle at 2.5 rpm and wait for it to warm up to about 160F. Otherwise if I let off it dies again. Once a check engine light came on while it idled, but off soon a i starting going. (Not the main issue yet)

3) Once after riding to a store, parking, come back out, turn key to on position the bikes battery 'seems' dead. Not a single light or movement from HUD except neutral light flickering dimly. I thought, oh battery is dead. Go get jumper cables, hook it up, everything seems normal when turning key, start bike and ride home.

4) Put bike on trickle charger thinking it may just be dead. Next time I try to start it, does same thing with only neutral light barely having the power to flicker dimly. I also hear a relay clicking underneath the gas tank (Ill get to that later). This time hook up jumper and never get's out of this 'dead battery' state. Battery is fine though as chargers say it's at 100% and I read 13V off of it.

5) Yamaha dealer says spark plugs since they're original and low miles. Buy a set, go through tank method, real easy no problems. Old plugs were pretty burned and injectors had some gummyness I cleaned off. Re-assemble and still doing no power dead issue. From here I believe the idle starting problem and earlier CEL were from bad plugs. The dead battery is a separate issue that started before doing plugs.

6) Start doing elec. diagnoses as there is this drain or possibly a ground short somewhere. Check all fuses, main, fuel system, throttle, fuse box 2 under the clutch, all fine. All terminations, ground connections, pins, no burning all look new. Disconnect all HID lights, still same. There was a relay clicking so I look for that, it is the one under the gas tank under a rubber protector alongside another relay. Larger sized relays, I have number but not on hand atm. But I know relays and if they are clicking that means it's working. If they're not working they wouldn't be moving.

7) I found if I turn key on without a charger hooked up and wait about a minute it's almost as if some component is charging up and something flips, then the HUD turns on like completely normal. No codes, Lo F display, normal. Try to start and starter never gets a chance to move. Hear a zap / spark, and everything dead again. Can wait for it to happen again though.

8) If I hook battery to a larger car charger it goes directly to fully light HUD but displays ER-1 code and Hi F so can't start bike. ER-1 is obv ecu module no signal. But only way to test is swap with another and closest I have is a friends 2004 R6 that I'd put mine into. Don't think these are interchangeable though.

9) Coming home today and testing new things. The service manual indicates ER-1 and Code 12 to check for ground shorts on ECU wires yellow/blue, grey, and black/blue, all of which are fine and not grounding out. I say Code 12 because now this is all that is being displayed. Turn key on, full HUD display, CEL and 12. No communication between ECU and crankshaft position sensor. No clue how that could have gone bad, and I highly doubt it is bad, so I'm still in the dark. I could test the sensor per the service manual but I don't see a point. I did go into Diag mode 62 to reset the codes and it went from "2" to "1" after flipping the killswitch. After turning key, cel and 12 still display. But I assume the ER-1 code is cleared because I haven't seen it since.

I'll be checking this post twice daily as I'm trying to get this going quickly here. I will also post results / how to if the problem is cured.

Thank you,
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