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Hi guys. I've been on and off these forums for weeks looking at previous posts to address this problem.

Here's the issue.
I have a 2006 R6.
I was told, to improve the bikes performance in one way or another a de-cat exhaust system would be an idea.
So head down I bought the new headers and fitted them.

After a few weeks messing round and 2 [email protected]$%@RD manifold studs snapping off in the process I now have the exhaust system fitted. With a few grey hairs!!

Unfortunately when taking the cat system off the oxygen sensor was that tight I had to cut the wires.

The bike currently has a 'race fit growler' slip on.
No oxygen sensor for the time being!

The bike is loud as hell now. And making some serious blow backs!
With this new exhaust system would fitting the standard oxygen sensor stop these blow backs and calm down the idle running?
Does the bike need a power commander
If not do I need to get it mapped/dyno?
Also what problems could I run into riding the bike in this state? More fuel consumption??
Cheaper the better but all advice is welcome.
Hope you can help

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Since you've replaced the whole exhaust system, you need to address the fueling issues now. You can go one of two routes: a PC or an ECU flash with a fuel map.
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