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2007 r6 clutch plates

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so long story short im replacing my clutch plates and friction plates, when i go look at a diagram of how they should be put in there it all goes swell except for the last few. on every diagram i can find they use a different part number (i have all the ones they use) so i dont know what the correct one is.
they say theres 3 different options for #10 and only 1 option for #11
they say theres 2 options for #10 and 3 for #11
they say theres only 1 option for #10 & #11 but its the same part # as 9
i have all the parts that they say it could be from every site but trying to figure it out is causing a headache. if anyone knows what part number they are supposed to be id appreciate it greatly. Thank you, have a great day!
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Since i've never had to replace a motorcycle clutch I won't be any help.

I'm guessing that you have to look at the OEM clutch and match the colors.
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