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During a short 16 mile cruise to work one morning my r6 suddenly clanked real loud and lost about 70% of its power and continued ticking until I pulled the bike over and shut her down. I had the bike towed back to the house and called Yamaha up ASAP, the dealer told me spark plugs was probably my problem and that I probably lost a cylinder due to one going out. Anyway beyond my belief, I went ahead and replaced all four of them, started the bike, gave a slight rev to about 6 thousand and Walla total motor lockup. To make a long story short brought it in to Yamaha they took it apart, and found that a valve had dropped into the cylinder throwing the rod threw the block and damaging, both cams, crankshaft all four valves in the number two cylinder, rod, block, head, pretty much you name it, it broke it. warranty only 8 days from expiring and Yamaha is going to replace all, thank god...... anyway, thinking about getting y.e.c cams for the bike is there any real advantages to this hefty 2 k dollar upgrade that will only cost me about 700$?

Current bike outline during lockup:
-1+2 vortex sprocket conversion
PC3 w/ custom map
Ignition module, quick shifter
Vortex rear sets
Full Leo Vince titanium headers
Smog bypass
Y.E.C racing spark plug set
GYTR Velocity Stack Kit
5500 miles on bike completely maintained by Yamaha
132 hp rear tire at 4350 ft elevation
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