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CLIFF NOTES: on the R6 harness, at the instrument cluster, what wire is the ground? and what wire is the speedo pulse sensor ???

So i have an Accuman gear indicator; worked great when I had it hard wired to my Kawasaki 636.
its got 5 wires coming out of it:

Black (ground)
Brown (tacho pulse)
Orange (speedo pulse)
Green (neutral)
Red (power, wire to ignition sensor)

From Accuman's site, they say:

basically, its pretty clear where the brown, green, and red wires tap into (yellow/black; light blue/white; and light brown - respectively).

but which wire should I tap into for the black (ground) wire?
and which wire should I tap into for the orange (speedo pulse) wire??

The website says that the black (ground) wire should be tapped to the black wire on the R6 harness. problem is, there is no solid black on the R6 harness. there IS a black/white wire - will that work? I looked at the R6 wiring diagram, and the black/white wire looks like its the ground, bit i just want to be sure. the black/blue is also a potential candidate....

R6 PDF manual (wiring diagram on second to last page)

the website says that the orange (speedo Pulse) wire should be tapped into the white wire on the R6 harness, but again, no white wire on the R6 harness. I again looked at the R6 wiring diagram, and it shows speedo sensor #46, as a white/yellow wire - but there is no freaking white/yellow wire on the R6 harness!!!

only colors left on the R6 harness (in that area) are:
dark brown
dark green
black/white (the ground that I connect the Accuman Black wire to?)

so which one of those is the ground? and which one is the speedo pulse?

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You can connect the ground.... To anything that is grounded. Grab a volt meter - positive on the battery and neg on the frame for example.. If that gives you the battery voltage then ground it to the frame (at the fairing stay bolt )

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yea, that popped into my head tonight as a duh moment, just check any suspected ground for connectivity to the ground on the battery terminal.

i found a document on google that suggests the speedo sensor wire can be found under the tank, as part of a white, 3 wire connector.

does the speedo sensor run off a sensor on the front sprocket? if so, i could check that/those wires for connectivity to the wires on the instrument cluster harness
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