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2008 R6 - Part out - Locals perfered will ship aswell - NJ

Hey guys i have an 08 R6 with some goodies looking to part the bike, Motor is finished at only 9k miles.. :eek5 (Long Sad Story)

Ive never really posted her but giving this a shot.

Bike has the following:

Two Bro's Slip on - $250 - SOLD
Brake light with Led Signals - $80
Adjustable Brake and clutch- PAZZO RACING - SOLD
Wood Craft Rear Sets - SOLD!!!
2" Lowering Links
Yamaha padded seat - $100 - http://www.gearup2go.com/default/ya...aha-oem.html?gclid=CJvxqN2Y8r0CFa_m7Aod1iwAig
Gas Tank - SOLD
Passenger Pegs - $35
Fairings $450 - Some Scratches no cracks.

Heres a picture of the bike will post more later.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5745084200/

And everything else.

Shoot me a text or call as i dont check this site often

917-453-8793 - MIke


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Post pictures of the actual product....not pictures of similar items bring sold online. People want to know the condition of what your selling and also that you possess your item being sold.

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