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Hi Everyone!
I'm selling my 2008 R6 Race bike for sale. She was good to me, but I've upgraded to an ex Graves bike. I bought her two years ago from a girl in Cali and have treated her right since. I've maintained her as best I can. She has a few minor scratches here and there but is overal in great shape! This bike rips really hard and is ready to go as it sits right now. The suspension was just refreshed by Mike Fitzgerald (thermosman) and has one or two weekends on it since. Oil is Motul and fresh as well. Set up for me, approximately 145 geared up. .95's in the front, 1.0 in the rear. 16's at Loudon, 28's in NJ. Easily can go faster, the problem was me. The engine was refreshed before I bought it and has two half seasons on it. Still pulls really hard, no problems there. I ran CCS, LRRS and AMA with this bike. Fully preped and ready to go. I have the salvage title in hand.

The List:
Armour Bodies Pro bodywork (with kevlar mounting points)
Vortex clip ons, Sprockets, Rear-sets
Leo Vince full titanium exhaust
Ohlins 30mm Kit in Forks, TTX in the rear
CRG Shortly foldable levers
Graves engine covers
Woodcraft frame sliders
Bazzaz z-FITC auto tune/traction control/quick shifter
Stainless Steel brake lines

There is much more to this bike I can't remember. Please don't hesitate to call or PM me with any questions you may have! Im asking $7,000 so make me an offer!

Wes Perry #352
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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