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Hola people. New to the forum. I purchased an 08 R6s back in September. I already have almost 4k on her. I'm just starting to do ad-ons. I've now done the necessary fender eliminator change, but I have to ask what should be next. I'm thinking exhaust. I've read posts and I've narrowed it down to a full system Akrap or Yosh. Doing this more for performance than sound. Which should I go with? Also, should I do it myself or take it in to a shop?

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slip on exhausts are only 2 bolts so if you cant do that then you may have a few issues

it doesnt really matter which pipe you pick up since it wont really make you faster so find one with a good sound and looks
heres some brands to check out
leo vince
race fit
blue flame

theres a ton just go you tube r6 and you can hear a ton of exhausts
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