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Hello all,
A couple weeks ago I began experiencing issues with my 2008 R6s. After riding about 30 miles, going about 75-80 mph, the bike began sputtering/jerking and I started losing a lot of power. As I began slowing down, and before coming to a stop, the bike stalled.
I sat on the side of the road for about 15 mins, started the bike up, and was able to finish my ride home (about 10 miles) with no issues.
I checked the diagnostics, and pulled codes:
-15 – Throttle position sensor
-23 - Atmospheric pressure sensor
-30 – Lean angle sensor (I dropped the bike two days earlier taking it off a rear bike stand)
I cleared the codes and wanted see if I could duplicate the codes to narrow down what the problem could be. I began riding the bike again, and it took several hundred miles before I had the issue again. This time, it was just the 15-TPS that came up. I dug through forums and found several people were pulling the TPS and cleaning it with electrical contact cleaner and that helped. I did that Thursday. Friday I had the same issue, TPS.
Something to note, is that this always seemed to occur when the weather was pretty warm, over 80-85F (bike temp 185-190F), and after riding 30-50 miles.
I talked to a gentleman (owner of a local dealership), who said he’s never seen a TPS go bad. That it was more likely an ECU, or electrical connection issue.
This afternoon, my husband and I lifted the tank and began going through all the connections. He found one connector that wasn’t properly seated. It’s was brown, and unless I really start removing parts of the bike, I can’t follow where it leads to.
I’ve tried looking through diagrams online to see where/what this connection leads to, but I’m struggling.
Could someone help me out here? What would this connector lead to? And could it be the cause of what I’m experiencing?


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