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Hey guys,

I'm having problems getting my 2009 R6 to turn over. I bought this thing wrecked and have done a reasonable amount of work to it, including new relay box, new tank, fuel pump, throttle assembly, body work, lights, ect. I am finally to the point where I have gotten the bike to turn, but no turn OVER. It does start perfectly fine with starting fluid, and even revs to redline. I can occasionally get it to start for a short time without starting fluid, but it idles at about 500rpm for 3 or 4 seconds, and dies. The speedo is throwing out error codes 22 and 23, which is the atmospheric pressure sensor and the air temperature sensor.

The fact that it runs fine off starting fluid points to a fuel delivery problem in my opinion. Thats what led me towards a new fuel pump in the tank. The new pump primes as it should, and has good pressure. The fuel lines and vent lines are connected properly, battery is fully charged, and i've made no wiring mistakes to my knowledge. Im out of ideas, and am about to swallow my pride and walk into a shop with my tail between my legs.

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!!


[EDIT]: could a faulty atmospheric pressure sensor cause inconsistant fuel pressure? I guess that could explain why it idles, but barely.....What does it look like? Where is it?? AHHH!!
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