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Parting out a 2009 R6 that only had 916 miles on the clock. Literally, everything on the bike looked like new when tearing it apart. I'll edit this post to be more detailed eventually, but wanted to get it out sooner than later with some of the big ticket items. Almost everything is in mint condition as would be expected from a bike with such low miles.

UPDATED: 12/22/2014
If you would like detailed pictures, send me your cell number and I’ll text you with close ups of the part.

1. Frame w/ Clean Title- SOLD!
2. Complete Wiring Harness- SOLD!
3. Throttle Bodies- $100
4. Subframe- SOLD!
5. Rear Swingarm- SOLD!
6. Stock clipons- $75
7. Stock Full Exhaust- $100
8. Brembo OEM 19x16 Master Cylinder- SOLD!
9. OEM Clutch perch- $10
10. OEM Fairing Stay- SOLD!
11. OEM Rear Shock- SOLD!
12. OEM Speedo/Tachometer with 916miles- SOLD!
13. OEM Complete Front and Rear Fairing Kit in Yamaha Blue/Black (Mint condition without a scratch)- SOLD!
14. Gas Tank (Couple dings on the front right side, but no paint damage)- SOLD!
15. Blue Gas Tank Fairing Top Cover- SOLD!
16. Intake Duct- SOLD!
17. Front & Rear Wheels w/ Brake Rotors - SOLD!
18. OEM Rearsets- SOLD!
19. OEM Chain & sprockets- SOLD!
21. Airbox w/ Velocity Stacks- SOLD!
22. Rear Master Cylinder & Brake Caliper- $25
23. Rectifier- SOLD!
24. Radiator (Mint condition with no bends in fins or leaks anywhere. Fans included)- $150
25. Blacked Out Windscreen- $20
26. Gas Tank Stay Mounting Bracket- SOLD!
27. OEM Throttle w/ throttle cable- SOLD!
28. Rear Brake Rotor- $25
29. Rear Tire Hugger- $20
30. Front Axle- SOLD!
31. Rear Axle- SOLD!
32. Rear Spools - $15
33. Shogun No-cut Frame Sliders - $50
34. Front Forks- SOLD!
35. Front Headlights- SOLD!
36. Front Brake Calipers- SOLD!
37. Passenger Footpegs- $50
38. OEM Front Seat- $40
39. OEM Rear Passenger Seat- $30

All prices DO NOT include shipping.

Let me know if there is anything you need for a 08-14 R6 that is not listed above, and I will see if I have it.


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How much shipped for the OEM levers?

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I'm at the track today doing some test and tuning, so I won't be able to respond to PMs until tomorrow. I know my inbox is filling up and feel free to keep them coming, and I will respond to them in the order received. Sorry for the one day delay.
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