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Here's the list of parts and a few pictures to help with what u need to tackle this project.
I'll post my YouTube link:
You be the judge on how it turned out. πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ My bike was laid over from previous owner so I got a steal on the price. Instead of rebuilding it back to stock I decided to convert it to the new model Yamaha R6. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ I'm not sure of the serial numbers on the parts but I'll include photos of every part I ordered.

Here is the part list :
2017 oem fairing stay
2017 oem rear subframe, a must for rear fairings to line up perfectly
2017 oem upper mounting bracket, this is what Holds The nose together and the lights this is a very important part
2017 oem air duct
2017 oem rear undertail cover, this is not included in the fairings kit, this is a special piece that covers underneath the subframe
2017 oem led headlights and tail light
2017 oem led running lights these are the lights u see that make the bike noticeable or aggressive looking. you won't need the led ballast or the led module to power these.
2017 oem tank mount and seat mount plates, check if not attached on the 2017 subframe, it's the metal plates you see on the rear subframe look closely at my pics so you understand what I mean
2017 oem fairings
2017 oem fairing bolt kit
2017 oem windscreen
2017 oem mirrors or block off plates if u want a cleaner look
2017 oem rear cowl or rear seat it's your choice
2017 oem front seat, I'll explain further in the install
2017 oem r6 battery, it's 2x smaller than the 09 r6 battery. The new battery will help avoid cutting up your seat or the plastic tray inside the subframe. I highly recommend you buy the newer battery so everything fits flush and there is no strain on the battery terminals

Installation is super easy the rear subframe will bolt up with the original bolts and holes.... it will align up perfect. The front fairing stay will bolt up perfect as well. Once you install that everything else just falls into place. Place the front bracket with the air duct and bolt it up securely to the fairing stay using washers and bolts. Once that is installed comes the lights. The tricky part is finding out which wire is +positive and -ground. I used a test light and labeled each wire all the way to the signals. I used butt connectors to wire up the daytime running lights. The way the lights work on the new r6 is a bit odd u have 1 high beam and 1 low beam, to me I hate that 1 low beam light underneath always on. So I toggled both 😁of my high beam and low beam lights to turn on with the high beam switch. Meaning my daytime running lights stay on as they should those are the LEDs that look amazing. When I need lights for night riding I wired both the high beam and low beam together so both would work on high beam toggle switch. That way I don't have the low beam light always on underneath. This makes my bike look so much cleaner. Once you splice everything up use electrical tape on the butt connectors and apply some weatherproofing tape so u won't have moisture build up to avoid future damage with the lights or shortages. The rear is basically the same you might have to add some extra wiring to the taillight because the tail is a lil longer. Test for which wire is what using a test light for signals u will have to buy a integrated tail light or some small led strips and wire them directly to your signals. Apply some kind of tape to hold them in place. Afterwards test your lights for proper functioning congratulate yourself the hardest part is done! πŸ‘Œ Afterwards start assembling the fairings onto the bike. Everything should be In place when bolting it up the fairings. Start at the nose and place mirrors on the fairing stay and work your way around to the side and down below everything should line up perfectly. Use the fairing bolt kit to see what bolt goes where and don't forget to use the washers.


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Hey mate, thanks for the awesome write up. I'm doing the same conversion. Just have a couple of questions regarding wiring up the lights. Were you able to tell me what you dis there? Led lights got spliced into old third eye or somewhere else? With the headlights what did you end up doing?
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