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Alright guys/gals its time for some fun!!!!!! Here's the deal. I got the contract from Jennings and the track is ours.

Brought to you by the nutz from Irish Racing and the R1-Forum.

Please check the Jennings site for bike requirements and riders gear that they require.

The dates are April 7th and 8th 2012. That's a Saturday and Sunday. We will be doing our own control riding during this event. For those of you that have not done a trackday, or very few trackdays, get ready for some great instruction!

We will have the tire guy there for part of the day both on Sat. and Sun. If someone wants to bring a tire changer I have no problems with that. You will need to bring food with you as we will not have the food wagon. I hope to have the gate open at 1700, that's 5 o'clock for you non military type, on Friday to let us in. The gates will close at 2200, 10 o'clock, every night. That is Jennings rules!! Other than that you can come and go as you please. Jennings does charge a $10 gate fee per person when you first arrive. They will give you an arm band to let you back in if you leave.

The price for all this fun is $150 a day and $250 for the weekend. I have to have the balance paid to Jennings by Jan. 20th. So the cut off for this will be Jan. 15th!!!!! Please folks I need to stick to this cut off date. I am posting this up as early as I can so people can prepare. Camping is allowed at the track. That is what most folks do but there are local hotels for you all that do not like to camp. Please tell me if your running 1 or both days!!!

Please send the money via paypal to [email protected] Add 4% for paypal fees. Once again the cut off for this is Jan. 15th! Make sure you put your real, screen name and what group you are in in the comments section so we know who you are. If you don't have a paypal account PM me for my address.

Please sign-up in this thread and let me know what group you want to ride in. Novice, intermediate or advanced. We might have to change the groups around some depending on skill levels and the amount of riders in each group. The plan is to ride 20 minute sessions. I would like the cut off to be 20/25 riders per group but we might have to modify this depending on how many people sign up.

As far as safety goes this is a trackday and not a race! The control riders are there for every riders safety and to show the slower,novice riders the race line. If they see you riding unsafe they will pull you in and discuss the situation with you. Please remember that the control riders, corner workers have the final say on this. All of the control riders will be licensed racers or advanced level trackday junkies. In short we have some very talented riders on this board.

Please keep the chatter down in this thread....we can use the other Jennings thread for smack talk.

1. Plimmer (Sat./Sun)
2. GPD270 (Sat./Sun./Mon)---PAID
3. Finsl (Sat./Sun./Mon)------PAID
4. Irish01 (Sat./Sun./Mon)----PAID
5. KyleM (Sat./Sun./Mon)-----PAID
6. Skeeter (Sat./Sun)---------PAID
7. .06dragons (Sat./Sun)------PAID
8. Marcelo (Sat./Sun)
9. Gaprider (Sat./Sun)
10. VroomR6 (Sat./Sun)
11. LS1 Se7eN (Sat./Sun./Mon)------PAID
12. Calvin C. (Sat./Sun)
13. C.J. C. (Sat./Sun)
14. Darrin Gravel (Sat./Sun)
15. Taylor (Sat./Sun)
16. Moonbeam (Sat./Sun)
17. Doo Brown (Sat./Sun)
18. Brandon Coates (Sat./Sun)---------PAID
19. Mike Phelan (Sat./Sun/Mon)----------PAID

1. burn-z (Sat./Sun.)
2. Rocalotopus (Sat./Sun)
3. gfracerx +1 (Sat./Sun)
4. Meister37 +1 (Sat./Sun)
5. Beaverpuncher (Sat./Sun)
6. Unoraven (Sat./Sun)-----PAID
7. Old One (Sat./Sun)------PAID
8. GIjoe007 (Sat./Sun)
10. Fjorn (Sat./Sun)
11. Franikk (Sat./Sun)
12. Lil' Pistol (Sat./Sun)
13. burnerr1 (Sat./Sun./Mon)-----PAID
14. MotoGPracing (Sat)
15. Tapcon (Sat./Sun)
16. Mizfit (Sat./Sun)
17. asdfjklm (Sat./Sun./Mon)------PAID
18. friend of LS1 Se7en (Sat./Sun)
19. DanQ (all 3)-------------------PAID
20. pmbannister (Sat./Sun)
21. Brent (Meisters friend) (Sat./Sun)
22. talbertjm
23. Trip T (Sat./Sun)-----PAID

1. hawk71 (Sat./Sun)-----PAID
2. R1-Buttercup (Sat./Sun)
3. LudjakR1 +1 (Sat./Sun)
4. 4EverWiKiD (Sat./Sun)
5. R1hotrod (Sat./Sun)
6. rorytsm (Sat./Sun)
7. NeoGioz (Sat./Sun)------PAID
8. DipitandGripIt (Sat./Sun)
9. shari1ninja (Sat./Sun)----PAID
10. jsr1017 (Sat./Sun)----PAID
11. luded1 (Sat./Sun)
12. 312R1 (Sat./Sun./Mon)
13. Andrew Watkins (Sat./Sun)
14 Jason Welch (Sat./Sun)
15. Shab (Sat./Sun)
16. Gearheaded (Sat./Sun)-----PAID
17. sideflare (Sat/Sun)---------PAID
18. greenstreak9205 (Sat./Sun.)----PAID
19. Christian Hansen (Sat./Sun)----PAID
20. Pharelm (Sat)------------------PAID
21. xTomKx (Sat./Sun)-------------PAID
22. Net-Jester (Sat.)--------------PAID
23. Ashley Munson (Sat./Sun)------PAID

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I'm posting the thread from the R1 Forum here. It would be nice to get some riders from the R6 Forum to enjoy this. Last year along with myself we had GI Joe, Issac, myself and a few others. If you want to go let me know here and I'll add you to the list. Any questions just ask.

If you have never done a track day this is the best time to give it a try. There will be no pressure and this is a private weekend. We rent the entire track. Nothing but the R1/R6 Forum members. There will be plenty of instruction for new riders.

You can follow all the details over at the R1 Forum. Let's make a good show with some R6 members. Here is the link:


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just looking into this, is this an annual event....i live near jennings and i gotta get some stuff together before i commit to a track day...just curious if i can expect this next year....mabey even ride out there and just watch this year?

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Yes, it's annual. Your more than welcome to come by to hangout and watch if your not riding.

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List has been updated again. Come on R6 Forum. Let's make a showing and show these R1 guys up. It's easy to spank a R1 at Jennings on a 600. LOL... We still have openings. You can pay late if needed. Trust me, this will be the best weekend you'll ever have on two wheels.

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Can't believe I never saw this thread! I will have to plan for next year for sure! Have fun, ride safe guys!
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