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Up for sale is a one of kind 2016 Custom Toy Hauler/Camper/Cargo/Tail Gating Trailer. Lightweight enough to be towed by a four cylinder and compact enough to fit in your garage. Use it as a utility trailer during the week, toy hauler on Saturday, and take it to the game for tailgating on Sunday! 1000+ hours and stacks of receipts went into this build and it's ready to be put to full time use.

Dry Weight: 1,380 lbs
Hitch Weight: 180 lbs
GVWR: 1,900 lbs
Cargo Carrying Capacity: 520 lbs
Length: 9 ft
Width: 5.25 ft
Overall Length: 12.5 ft

Toy Hauler:
There is a 16" recessed wheel chock mounted in the rear of the trailer. All you have to do is back your bike into the trailer with a ramp, lift the wheel chock lid up, place the front tire in it, and tie it down. It will haul a full size ATV (YZF 450) with no problem or any modern sport bike.

This trailer was meant to be as self-sufficient as possible but also user friendly. It is powered by a 12v deep cell marine battery for DC power and it has a converter to plug into shore power (the converter also recharges the battery). Lights, stereo, and water pump all run off of the battery. The fridge, oven, coffee maker, and TV require being plugged into AC (110v) power. There are 2 spray ports (one on each side). The spray port on the right side of the trailer is for the outdoor shower or hose. There is a quick connect shower hose so all you have to do is plug the shower hose into the spray port when you want to use it. The spray port on the other side is set up for a sink. There is not a sink hooked up but it is ready for one if you so choose. There is a 13 gallon fresh water tank and a 2.9 GPM Flo Jet water pump to supply the spray ports. The trailer fits a twin mattress perfectly. There is a storage compartment to store an air mattress, pump, and anything else. The trailer is fully insulated with 1.5" insulation board. There is a 5,000 BTU window unit mounted under the trailer and the duct work that feeds directly into the floor.

Tail Gating:
This is probably one of the uses that gets the most attention. There are two Kicker KM 65 Marine speakers installed on the outside with built in LED lights. There’s a controller that you can control/change the light color and speed. There is also a Kicker speaker mounted in the cabinet and a switch that will shut off the outdoor speakers and just play the inside. The rear hatch has a 28" LED TV with a full rotation mount. So you can watch TV from the inside when the hatch is down and when the hatch is up, you can drop the TV down and rotate it and be able to watch from the outside. There is an HDMI outlet wired into the wall that runs into the hatch to another HDMI outlet. So all you have to do is plug your laptop into the HDMI outlet in the wall and it will project onto the TV. This would be great for live feed races/games. There are also audio cables that run into the hatch to plug into the TV to play the sound through the outdoor speakers (I'm still tweaking this). When you aren't using the TV, you can hook your phone up to the Bluetoothstereo. Also included is an Olympian 5500 stainless grill. It’s been usedtwice and it works great. It mounts on the exterior of the trailer. It comes with a connector to plug directly into a tank.

Cargo Trailer:
There have been a lot of people inquire about using this as a cargo trailer for work/business purpose. It would also work great to haul lawn mowers, small business accessories, and for moving.

• Progressive Dynamics PD 4045 Converter
• Battery Shutoff Switch
• Interstate Deep Cell Marine Battery
• 30amp Furrion Power Inlet
• GFCI 110v outlet
• (3) 110v Outlets (Exterior, Storage Compartment, Hatch)

• (6) Brushed Nickel Interior Overhead Lights
• 110v LED Cabinet Backlighting (color changing with remote)
• (2) Exterior Patio Lights
• LED Turn Signals• (6) LED Markers (wired to battery w/ switch)

• 13 Gallon Fresh Water Tank
• FLojet 2.9 GPM DC Pump• Gravity Feed Hatch w/ Lock
• (R) Spray Port Quick Connect (Shower)
• (L) Spray Port Quick Connect (Sink)• Shower head w/ Quick Connect Adapter and mount

• Pioneer Stereo w/ Bluetooth
• (2) KM 65 Kicker Marine Speakers w/ LED built (Switch to turn off outdoor speakers)
• KM 65 Kicker LED Remote
• Interior 6” Kicker Speaker• HDMI Wall Outlet
• HDMI Hatch Outlet• Toshiba 28” LED TV
• Audio Cables from stereo to hatch
• Full Rotation TV Mount

• Custom cabinets
• (2) Day/Night Shades
• 24” x 14” x 8” Storage Compartment
• 16” Recessed Wheel Chock
• Rubber Trim/Wall Protector
• (2) JR Products Gas Props
• (3) Tie Down Rings
• Fantastic 1250 Reversible Fan
• Beige Wall paper

• Magic Chef 2.6 Fridge
• Oster Stainless Microwave Oven
• Faberware 5 Cup Coffee Maker
• Camco Olympian 5500 Stainless Grill w/ mount

• 1900 GVWR Frame
• 12” Hi Spec Aluminum Wheels
•Over-sized Handle Assist
• Rubber-coated/water protected frame/floor
• Custom 3M Vinyl Wrap
• (2) 28 x 16” Skylights
• 17” x 14” Window w/ Screen
• 22” x 14” Window w/ Screen
• 30” x 36” Door
• Aluminum Trim all around
• Diamond plating front rock guard and rear trim
• 24” Outdoor Mounting Rail
• Flag Pole Mount

Extras Included
• Space Heater
• Blowup Pillow-top Twin Mattress
• Mattress Pump
• First Aid Kit
• Fire Extinguisher
• Furrion 30amp Adapter
• Quick Connect Grill Line (to connect to tank)
• Spare tire/wheel
• 3 Master Locks

Asking price is $9,000. I am located in Murrieta, CA. Reply to this thread or shoot me a text or call. (951)816-5151. Thanks for looking.


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That is pretty bad ass. If only it was about 16 feet. I have a lot of equipment to bring to the track.

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That is pretty bad ass. If only it was about 16 feet. I have a lot of equipment to bring to the track.
Thank you!
Use that 5 feet of truck bed space and you're good ;) My brother and I used to pack everything for a three day race weekend in a pop up tent trailer. We strategically had to place everything in the camper and lower it. Both bikes and everything else went in the truck. Those were the good days!
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