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2018 Calibrate TPS?

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hello boys

I searched the forum but found nothing related to the new model of my r6

It happens that after a mismatch of both tps sensors the bike no longer starts

I want to know if someone can help me measure them with a multimeter since I don't have a scanner

Or if you can give me the values by measuring your bikes so I can match them

Please help me!
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Have you pulled codes? Does your model have a disabler a.k.a. immobilizer a.k.a. electronic security? Ours do not. This past weekend my 19 would crank and not even try to start. The dash was all lit up and everything appeared normal. As I turned the key off I realized that it wasn't fully locked to the 'on' position. Once I turned it back on it fired right up.
I need to be able to calibrate the new model, I have a scanner but the values do not match.

Does anyone have the same model to give me the values?
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