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Hi , for the guys here that have some experience on this area...
so i am building a new engine for my bike, i would like to hear different opinions on engine set ups
i do have a complete head work ( ported , multi radius valve job....)
carrillo rods
Lightened and Balanced crankshaft
ceramic bearings
micro polished gear box plus some another parts
anti friction coatings
suter sliper clutch
dbk stator
the list keep going

so i would like to hear different combinations and results.
cams, cam timing, air filters ,velocity stacks, exhausts....

i do have several options
mwr sbk air filter
stock air filter modified
bmc air filter
graves velocity stack
ventury stacks
08 r6 velocity stacks
graves works exhaust
2018 akrapovilc full system

before i pull de engine apart here what i had running
stock engine
stock air filter modified
graves velocity stacks (taller cones on the center)
ecu remaped
on pump gas 93 was pulling 122 hp under this conditions :sea level 73 degrees air temp 43% humidity
note i do all my work except the machine shop work

thanks in advance
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