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I've got a tough one here.
Volunteered to help a friend convert his track bike to street trim. Harness was never trimmed, has an ABS delete (ftech plug) and that's it.
Threw all the fairings on, plugged everything in, to only find that the LED DRL lights in the main stay + front/rear turn signals don't work.

Now here's where it gets exciting. This is what I've troubleshot so far:
All fuses are in their correct places and not blown
Wiring is all correctly plugged in and wired for front + rear lights
There is a ground and power to all plugs
The dash turn signal light functions, but is rapid flash and doesn't actuate any lights
High beams, brake light, and mirror DRL's work flawlessly
Swapped ECU's and the light controller relay with known good ones, no change.
Compared harness + plugs to donor 2017 harness and made sure everything was plugged in correctly

At this point I'm lost and about to hunt down a factory service manual wiring diagram. Since it is both the turn signals and LED DRL's, I'm assuming it's something simple I'm missing that is a fuse or relay for both.
Any ideas? Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks, PFA
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