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I've got some stuff left over from my 2nd gen R6 as well as some mystery parts. I'm wanting them out of my basement and thus am selling them as a bundle. $100 gets the following items shipped to your door:

.90 springs and spacers
2 LP clutch levers
Cometic engine case kit part number C8683. You'll need it if you replace your case covers.
OEM gas cap - I believe I've got the right key to it. However for some reason I took it apart and now its not functioning properly. I think its missing a ball bearing, but I'm not positive what I did to screw it up.
OEM frame sliders that have seen better days
Bunch of parts left over from when I parted out a motor. Included is almost every nut and bolt, the water pump, damaged crank w/ a questionable magneto, and a starter
OEM shift assembly
Some wheel spacers that I believe go to a Suzuki, but I'm not sure where they came from
Clutch basket with clutch. Some damage
OEM clutch cover
Frame insert pieces
Denso coils - I think these are the ones that were recalled. Never been tested. Certainly not the highlight of this grab bag, but if you buy it you have to promise to take them.
Bunch of cables. Not positive what bike they came from or what they are, but I believe at least one of them came off the R6. Also unsure of the condition. Also not the highlight of this bargain bin
Various hoses and electrical parts. Unsure of origin and function
A switch that I believe is the kill switch from the R6. Not positive that it works.
Some type of fuse holder. Believed to be from the R6
Brake calipers. Missing one piston, and probably need to be rebuilt.
Long bolts that I believe are motor mount bolts.
Woodcraft shift bracket minus the lever. (http://www.woodcraft-cfm.com/cgi-bin...on&key=08-0440)
OEM part 90501-14002. I believe this is an axle nut
2 Vortex 50 tooth rear sprockets part number 435-50
One 15 tooth front sprocket. No part number stamped on it, so I cannot confirm that its for the R6
NRC case cover. Has some rash.
OEM radiator bracket. Mounts the bottom of the radiator to the frame
Cush drive spacers. I believe these fit the newer R6s as well.
Two rear wheel spacers
New in package Graves frame slider part number FS005K
Various axles and spacers. Some of them have been modified for quick change, and I believe are for Suzukis.

If its in the pictures, its included. Please email me if interested as I don't check PMs much:

[email protected]


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Hey dude, I'm interested in this stuff, but I do have a question. The fairing inserts, are those just dirty? do they have rash or damage to them? those would be a large part of the reason I would buy it all
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