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So I did my second track day yesterday. It was at High Plains Raceway in Byers, CO. I didn't post about my first track day which was on Labor Day because I was so terrible. My body positioning was out of whack, I was stiff, shitty lines, bad braking, poor downshifting and plenty more issues where those came from.

My second track day on the other hand was much improved. I improved my average lap time by about 20 seconds and just felt better overall. Don't get me wrong, I'm still slow but I think I can run intermediate just fine now. I may get one more day in this season and I will be working on braking later and carrying more corner entry speed. I'm confident I can drop another 10 - 12 seconds next time out. Keep in mind that would put me at ~2:15. I'd say fast is under 2:05, track record is like 1:47.

Video of my final session if anyone wants to check it out:

Unfortunately, now I'm addicted.:toocool:
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