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Its not really on a map. Its located at an area called by riders as "4 corners" which is the intersection of Hwy 35/Woodside Road. Now if you went back east up HWY 92 out of Half Moon bay and turned left on Hwy 35 and travelled south for another 8 miles, you would have hit Skylonda, AKA "Four Corners". There is the Skywood Trading post on your left and across the street is Alice's.
Yah, Alice's is way out in the middle of nowhere, up on the ridgeline. From Half Moon Bay it's a bit of a schlepp, like Omar said. There's not much there really, so it's easy to miss if you go thru at a time of day (or day of the week) where there's NOT a lot of riders about. Show up on a Saturday or Sunday midmorning/noonish, and you'll know when you get there though!

I usually come up 92 from the other direction (San Mateo Bridge), when I get that far west that is... hang south on Skyline/35 and meander (carefully!) thru the curves to Sky Londa / 4 corners.... I try and get there early, and that usually means I'm in fog, and the road gets a bit slick in the curves, from condensation/rain. There's LOTS of blind driveways about, and a lot of accidents happen because people in cars aren't paying attention when coming out of their driveways, or making turns at places like 4 Corners (bad intersection, really bad intersection!).

Although Alice's is a pretty popular spot for riders, you can pretty much pick the types of people up there by the time of day. The hardcore canyon carver and sport-touring set gets there early (7am-8am), along with the vintage bike folks. Then the cruiser riders start showing up, and finally the squids (who apparently are just as bad at getting out of bed early on their day off as they are making judgement calls about when and where to do the stunt riding). Obviously the biggest crowds are around on late weekend mornings onward thru the afternoons, especially when the sun's out. This is also when the cops get busy too.

One of the coolest things about the parking lots on the intersection, is that you will see the most exotic bikes in the bay area, show up there. It makes the insane interaction of sleepy locals/squids/cops (some in the air), worth the trip. If you just like the cool curvy roads through the trees, go on a week day, when everyone else isn't there to get "out " for fun Sunday outings.
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